Knowing What the Damages and Pain and Suffering Are Worth In an MVA case.

t is a real challenge when you are suffering after a car collision. And with that, there are factors you need to see when setting a claim value.

Although there is no exact formula for your accident’s worth, these factors can help you determine the case’s value.

This typically applies to both the settlement and the decision of the trial and jury.

1. Damage to the vehicle

It is the job of the insurance company to evaluate the damage to the vehicle. This is done to assist with the value of the injury claim. If your vehicle only obtains a little damage, then the insurer will argue about your injuries.

2. Coverage of the insurance

It is with the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage which helps you in the compensation amount you may expect for your injuries. Although the taken policy limit serves as a cover on the settlement, still, a lawsuit will go to trial. But you cannot take everything. Even if the jury may provide you that explicit amount which exceeds the defendant’s insurance policy limits, still, he needs to acquire adequate personal resources for the judgment.

3. Medical expenses

Any medical care being received for the cure of your injuries is all included with the damages. And by that, the total amount is calculated, which is then added to the other charges.

4. Pain and suffering

This includes both the pain and discomfort you are experiencing after the incident. But it does not only cover up the physical side but your mental and psychological areas as well – which include fear, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

5. Lost earning capacity

It is difficult to cope after a car collision, especially when you have suffered so much pain. Your income which is lost and will be lost are already counted as compensatory damages.

6. Loss of quality of life

For serious injuries, it may cause a person’s loss of happiness and enjoyment. This is because they can no longer function properly. This also brings the impact of their relationship towards spouses.

When the injury you got from the accident already affects your capability to work or to do activities, then you are entitled to be compensated for it.

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