Your Personal Injury Lawyer Could Mean the Difference Between $15,000 and $400,000

I remember a story a lawyer friend of mind told me, In one case, a lawyer was pressuring a car wreck victim to accept a $15,000 settlement even though that didn’t come close to covering her medical costs and financial losses. Her friend encouraged her to fire your current lawyer and find a firm willing to fight. That client went on to get a $400,000 settlement.

Your lawyer matters. And a successful personal injury claim can provide lots of benefits:

Peace of mind

Getting the medical treatment you truly need without having to fight over every bill

Making it through the complex healthcare system without having to go into debt

Getting compensation for the work you have missed and that you will miss in the future

If someone else’s careless behavior caused your injuries, you deserve all of that and more.

Unfortunately, the insurance companies aren’t going to help you get everything you deserve. You need a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney who can devote their full attention to your claim, fight for you in negotiations with the insurance company, and even take your case all the way to trial if it comes to that.

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